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Today on Dr. Phil...

What a silly convert I am. But today. Oh my. Bride nightmares.

One girl nearly passed out going down the aisle. One woman is starving herself to fit into her wedding dress, and so she won't look fat. She goes for stretches of 7 days with no food whatsoever. Fascinating!

But this last couple was weird. Shauna and somebody. The shy bride. I'm watching them during their little pre-show "here's us at home showing you what our problem is" clip - and I thought "This is a re-enactment.". It was like a bad Rescue 911 episode with really bad actors trying to portray fear and franticism. You just can't fake that.

So this couple was exhibiting their "natural" behavior, which entailed her not wanting to be the center of attention at her wedding. Being so shy that the mere thought of her wedding gave her hives and nausea. And it all just seemed so contrived They didn't really have an answer for any of Dr. Phil's questions. And when they did answer, it was like they couldn't get their stories straight. Weird, did you think? Tell me if you watched it.


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