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It's almost here!!

I'm so excited for Thursday's concert. I have to send a big thank you to Spencer, once again for sending me notice about pre-ticket sales - and send him double props because we are in the 4th row on the floor. We'll be seeing plenty of this:

Though I won't be doing any crowd surfing myself, thank you. For some reason the kids get a weird look on their face when they see a 41 year old wide load coming their way via the crowd-surf passaround. Go figure.

I really like Good Charlotte, and they are probably my favorite band, with Saves the Day a close second. I saw Good Charlotte he first time at a really small venue, when they were really struggling to get noticed - I don't even think they were the headliners. Mark really likes them too, but he's not so good at a concert with a ton of screaming 15 year olds. I know Daniel likes them because their lyrics echo so many feelings he has about school, family, love, and life in general. He's pointed out lyrics to me several times and said "This is exactly how I feel."

Not bad for a 4-some from Waldorf, Maryland who only put the band together 7 years ago at ages 16. (Bio)

Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. Pride. Love. Lust. Pain. Hate. Lies. Guilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die.

Some friends become enemies
Some friends become your family.
Make the best with what you're given
This ain't dyin, this is livin.


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