Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ooh, boy golly did we have fun at the laundromat today. I finally drag me and Emma's rears out of the house at 1:30. Two hours later, 3 loads of laundry is done. Bleh.

But Emma had a grand old time. She colored for a while, and then she discovered this:


She had the best time pushing this thing around all afternoon. She also had to cart all the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer too. Then she put clothes in the bottom dryer, put the money in and pushed the buttons. Ha!

- -

Mostly, she just raced around with her buggy thing. I put her in it for a while and shoved her down the hall a few times. She hated it, as you can imagine. (Not.)

A lot of the pictures came out bleh. Blurry. (I need a new digital.) {cough}



So 24 hours from now the Good Charlotte concert will be over. Done. Kapuut.

And I'm so stupid, cause I'm already dreading that feeling! I feel the post event let-down before the actual event. Cindi and Katie do that too. We're so weird. We make ourselves miserable, I swear.


Here is my Dr. Phil quote for the day.

(I like to substitue the word history with the word baggage).

In every relationship, people bring a certain history along with them. Things that have happened to them before you did. And this history that you bring can either contaminate the relationship - or it can contribute to it. {paraphrased}

Mark and I have talked ad nauseum about how our history contributes to this relationship. And have talked about how other's histories have contaminated other relationships we've had. Almost every relationship I've had I can attribute it's success or failure based on the history we brought in, and how it affected the other person.

Go, Phil.


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