Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yea, not blogging much today.

Had to get up and go to the laundromat again. Bleh. I want all of you to go and KISS your washing machine right now. Appreciate it! Love it! Someday it will be gone and you will be sitting in a laundromat with a book and a soda, listening to idiots talk about nothing.

Then I took Daniel to his dads, went to lunch with my mom, helped her C-mas shop online, went to arc and now am home for good. Mark isn't feeling well and came home early. I told him on the phone from Arc to go to bed, but he said he couldn't go to bed sick without a fair amount of couch cuddling first. He's such a baby. My baby.

Anyway, tomorrow is Katie's 18th birthday! Woohoo! We're having a big family lunch together, should be fun. I might be going to my friend Tom's in the evening. Love hanging out there, he's so fun.

This is my last week of school, do you believe it? I can't. Lordy, am I ready for all this?


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