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Monday Mission

1. I read an article that said the reason many people like hot and spicy food is because that pain actually causes them pleasure. Do personally find a connection between pleasure and pain?
Sometimes, but definately not with food. I hate spicy food. I threw away a Good Times chicken sandwich last night because it was too spicy.

2. On the local NPR station there was a news item that about a recent study which said men who do housework get more sex. What do you think about that? Why would that be the case?
Of course it's true. We're exhausted. Help us out, so we're not so tired come 10pm. I'm so lucky that way. Mark does a ton of work around here.

3. A friend and I were talking about the stigma attatched to divorce. He said that men can usually be divorced and not have much social backlash, but that women are often looked at as having failed in some way. The church especially, he said, tended to look down upon divorced women as if it were totally their fault and not the man's. Do you think there is a double-standard when it comes to men and women and the stigma of divorce?
I've heard this too, but I have not found it in my circle of friends and acquaintences. People (myself included) will judge no matter what. If a man's ex is unattractive, and his new wife is attractive, folks will say he left her cause she was ugly. Maybe, maybe not. You just never know what's going on behind closed doors. As far as divorced women appearing to have failed in some way? I don't think so. Maybe men look at it that way, but I don't think women do.

4. On that same topic, I just read an article that said parents with daughters are more likely to divorce than parents with sons. Do you think there is any validity to this?
No, not at all. If the statistics point that way, I think it's a coincidence.

5. Do you think the way a Father raises his daughter has an impact on the type of men she will eventually have relationships with?
Yes, definately. I think women seek out men similar to their fathers, good or bad.

6. Have you ever found your body craving some sort of food? Meat, chocolate, fruit and even water, the body tends to know what it needs. Do you get food cravings? Which are the most powerful?
I'm very attune to my body's cravings. Slurpee, cotton candy...the body asks and it shall receive.

7. Do you have any type of skills you can "fall back on" if you needed to change careers suddenly?
My forte is administrative work, but I hope to never ever have to go back to doing that. Ever Ever Ever. I don't want to sit at a desk, I don't want to answer a phone, ("Thank you for calling asshats incorporated, how may I help you?") and I never want to push papers again. No deadlines, no sitting on my ass all day. Nope, thanks.

BONUS: Ain't that a shame?
My tears fell like rain.


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