Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Back from volunteer hell. I'm kidding, it was fun. We made placemats that they're going to laminate and use at Thanksgiving. Emma's was lovely, of course. Funny how some kids want to perservere until their project is perfect, and some slop through it like it was poisonous.

Then it was Thanksgiving Feast day, which I totally forgot about. Parents were to come and join the kids for lunch. School lunch. Ugh. I didn't have any money on me, but I remembered that I had put $40 in Emma's lunch account at the beginning of the year, most of which was still there. So I stayed and ate with the kiddos. Well ate is a subjective term. The turkey was...well, it was round first of all, like cheap deli meat. It also had a ring of yellow around the outside. Scary. The smashed potatoes were edible, as was the bread. That's about it. The pumpkin pie was which I mean the plate it was sitting on was accumulating a gradual puddle of water under the pie. yikes. I drank my milk and most of Emma's too, and that's about it. I was comforted by the fact that I knew I had Diet Coke and cigarettes at home that I could get to in short order.

Now I need to tidy and study. Dy is coming this evening for Emma's play, and the house is less than presentable. Rock on, little pigs.


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