Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just sitting here thinking about my guy, and how lucky I am. This song always reminds me of how my opinion of myself kept me trapped inside my own mind for a long time. I felt stuck, and I was stuck. Meeting Mark truly changed so many opinions of myself, my confidence, my outlook, my goals, my future. He loves me completely, and shows me that constantly, without fail. He really has changed my life, and I feel blessed every day.

(If you hate Mariah Carey, move on and be quiet)

Once, I was a prisoner
Lost inside myself
With the world surrounding me
Wandering through the misery
But now,
I am free

You gave me a breath of life
Unclouded my eyes
With a sweet serenity
Lighting a ray of hope for me
And now,
I am free

Free to love, free to laugh
Free to soar, free to shine
Free to give, free to love,
Free enough to fly

Once, I was so all alone
Unsteady and cold
But your love rained down upon me
Washing away uncertainty, yea yea

Now, I...
Now...oh, now..
I am free.


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