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It's time to decide what classes to take for spring semester. Should I take any classes? I have a sizeable amount of financial aid sitting there waiting for me...with strings attached of course. I have to take at least 12 hours, and they can't all be EMT/Paramedic related. Feh. Registration begins at midnight, and of course the best classes fill up fast. I absolutely need to take an EKG interpretation class and an IV Certification class, but other than that I'm kinda stumped.

Though looking at the vast array of online courses available, maybe I will load up with those. I still have not made a hard and fast decision about going on to Paramedic certification, but I 'm thinking if I do, I will go next fall when Emma is in school all day Monday thru Friday. That's 8 months away, but I can get all my Anatomy and Physiology out of the way (online) if I want to before then. 8 months sounds like a lot, but I swear, it creeps up on you.

Of course, this is all based on the presumption that I pass my EMT cert, and do not find a job. Time will tell.


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