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I finally put that L*uis Vuitt*n bag that I got at the thrift store up on ebay. Well, technically I've had it up three times already. Ebay keeps removing it for violations of their listing policy. See, they don't allow you to say anything akin to "Cannot verify authenticity" or "I'm not sure if this is genuine", etc.

Personally, I'm not sure that it is genuine. I know it could be. I know it might not be. But there are so many variations on the same theme, that it's nearly impossible to tell without actually purchasing the bag from a Louis Vu*tton store.

So each time I put it up, ebay would remove it and write me a note saying that I couldn't use the words "L*uis Vuitton" without claiming absolute authenticity. I didn't want to do that, cause I didn't want it to come and bite me in the ass later when some poodle-cradling blue hair complained that I sold her a bunk bag. Not good, when your feedback has just passed the 3000 mark.

So I tried every variation on the theme that I could think of but nothing would stick. Finally I wised up. I bought (on ebay) an authentic Lou*s Vu*tton dust bag. I have no idea what these are, likely something that accompanied a genuine LV bag when bought new. It's just a big suede pouch, big enough to fit your LV purse in - I suppose for storage.

So now I could put the words authentic and Lo*us V*itton in the title, without making claim to the purses authenticity. So the title of the auction says "Speedy Purse and L*uis V*itton Dust Bag". I can use the brand name now and be completely legal. ("Speedy" is the style of LV bag. Too generic of a word to be taken as a trademark, don't you think?)

I was very careful of the wording in the description, exposing myself as ignorant, and inviting anyone interested in bidding to write me first, to clear up any misconceptions.

It has 6 bids since 11:30 this morning, with 6 and a half days to go. I keep thinking it's going to be removed again, but actually I think it's gonna be ok. I'm anxious to see what it goes for as it is already at $24. (I paid $2.89 for the purse.....and $6 for the dustbag). I don't even have a picture of the dust bag on the auction. I used the same pictures from the last 3 times I tried to list the purse. (I just orderd the dust bag recently).

Anyway, I'm scamming for opinions here. Go read the the auction description. Tell me, if you had a fondness for LV bags, would you assume this is fake? real? Am I hinting that it's not real in a roundabout way? Am I hinting that it is? And decide too if it is assumed to be real, and then isn't....have I protected myself?

Looking forward to honest opinions.


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