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Having an ok day. Emma and I are on our own today, and we're mostly just chillin. We did a bunch of number and letter recognition worksheets. She's off of all tv today and tomorrow because of continued fits when me or daddy or whoever either a)wants to watch something ourselves or b) decide that she's sat comatose in front of the television for long enough. Plus, and I didn't know this till today, her viewing quantity and habits came up at her school meeting. That's one thing about having a child get extra attention at school. You get extra attention too. They ask kids a lot of probing life-style questions, to get a handle on what's going on outside of school that maybe affecting school work. "How much tv do you watch? What kind of shows do you watch? What time do you go to bed? Do you make your own breakfast? Do you have food in the refrigerator? Do you eat dinner every day? Do you have your own bedroom? What are your chores?" (These are some that Emma could remember them asking..)

It's a little unnerving sometimes, because I remember going to some of Daniel's IEP meetings, and it was weird that they knew so much about my home and our personal life, from talking to the kids. They knew I was having trouble getting Daniel to sleep and used to lay with him in his bed until he was out. (huge no-no - but in their defense they did show me ways to nip this problem in the bud!). And everything they ask and find out about is recorded somewhere. it seems. I don't know if they still do it or not (hasn't happened with Emma yet) but they used to come and visit in person too...just "ding dong, we're here!" Very weird. But they haven't done that yet. Not that it would bother me, I'd just have to hurry and clean the catbox while they waited. lol

I really would like Emma to do well in school, and not have to go through a lot of what Daniel went through. I know he felt ostracized a lot because of being removed from the classroom so much to get extra help. Kids said some really mean things to him when he'd come back from a help session. Some kids are just jerks, and that's the way it is. I think she'll always struggle with some things - one thing they mentioned is that she is very weak, and by April needs to be opening (pushing and pulling and turning the knob) doors all by herself. They say she is much too reliant on other people. Well. All I'm sayin is there is a lot of things that she needs work on we can help with, but we can't make her bigger.

Anyway...I digress. Actually I never "gressed" in the first place. I have no point. That's just whats on my mind today.


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