Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Home again home again..jiggity jig.

Well that was fun. No really it was. It was just a little loud, and a little smokey. But the atmosphere was fun. We all got pretty loud and obnoxious. The music was self described by the band itself as "Hybrid Hip-Hop Heavy Metal."

It reminded me of some other bands I've seen at really small venues before they made it bigger, like maybe Good Charlotte. The band would play and then you'd see them at the next table just shootin the breeze. It was cool, cause Jody's (J) friend Dee knew a lot of band members. I took a bunch of pictures that I've put up at Scrapblog. I know that Scrapblog site is slow and clunky sometimes, but bear with me. Let me know if the link doesnt work for you at all.

Well, now it's late and I smell like an ashtray. Yum!


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