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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I was just informed that a good friend was killed in a car accident on Friday night. Rob Simonich was an icon in the knife community and I was priveleged enough to have not only spent a good deal of time with him at the Blade Shows in 2002 and 2003, but we spoke often offline and chatted frequently online.

He was a huge flirt, a lover of Guinness, and one of the most talented knife makers I know. He made a knife just for me and gave it to me at the Blade Show this year. I've been sitting here openly weeping this morning, reading what others have to say about him, and chatting to folks like myself that are stunned and deeply saddened. This loss has shaken up our little community and I miss him already.

Here's some thoughts from other friends of Robs, posted on our memorial board this morning:

  • Rob touched a lot of us in ways beyond knives that will be cherished.
  • Rob's passing is a huge loss for all of us. He was a gentleman of the first order and a maker of wonderful knives.
  • I was stunned by this information. The knife world has lost one of its brilliant lights.
  • Rob was my dearest friend, and a magnificent person. Everyone who knew Rob knew what a special person he was. Everyone who didn't know him knew he was a wonderfully talented knifemaker. He was an example few of us can ever equal.
  • Happy trails cowboy. We won't ever forget you!
  • Rob was and remains one of those rare craftsmen, one of those rare human beings, who stood out simply because he was who he was. Such a loss to the rest of us. What a joy to have known him for only a brief moment in this life.
  • The magnitude of this loss cannot be measured or expressed.
  • My world is less one good friend and brother. We all are a bit smaller for his passing.



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