Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...



I've been shopping with my mom all day. Lordy, help me! No, it was good. She got a lot of her shopping done, and now just has one more store to go to to finish up. We went here there and everywhere...I'm pooped.

Yes, the purse went for a ridiculous amount. It makes me a little nervous, but I certainly took measures to cover my ass. Now we'll just have to see if they pay up. Always a worry, no matter what.

I think it's chill night here at the Casa de Arvada. No one is madly motivated to do much of anything, which is fiiine with me.

Last night at class we all elected to have school tomorrow to practice for our practical skills test on Friday. I'm mildly concerned about the test, but the good thing is if I don't pass a certain skill or whatever, I can always go back each time they hold the test and take it again. Passing my final was the big worry, cause I would have had to take the whole damn class over if I hadn't passed that. Anyway, this is all a big snooze I know, so I will leave you to your exciting lives.


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