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Yes, Kimberly is right. There is a problem with the auction. Seems little missy winner is a ding dong and a half.

Starting with her - here is the email exchange:

"I am a new user to ebay, and I won the purse you had up for bid, but I am unable to pay for it. I accidentally hit $558 instead of $258 which made me the highest bidder at the last 1 min 30 sec. I cannot afford to pay $375 dollars. Sorry!!."

and I reply:

"This is really an unfortunate situation. I have sent a second chance offer to the next highest bidder. If she rejects the offer, I would consider asking you to fulfill your intent of purchasing the bag for $258. "

Missy ding-dong pants:

"Sorry, but I wouldnt have won if I had bid $258. I do not want to purchase the item. I understand that you may report me to EBay, but I do not want to purchase the purse. I learned the hard way by making a mistake when bidding. I cannot afford to purchase the purse at $258 either. "

Grrr. I wrote back:

"But you were attempting to bid $258 for the purse, and mistakenly hit $558 - is that correct?"

Ms. Einstein writes:

"Yes, I was, but I wouldn't have won, I would have been out-bidded. It was all a big mistake."

Idiot. I mean really.

"In order to get a refund of my ebay listing fees, I am required to report you as a non paying bidder. Ebay will take whatever action they feel is necessary.
I am very disappointed that people like you are out there bidding on things they have no intention of purchasing. My advice to you is to stay off of ebay and stick to Wal-Mart so this doesn't happen to another seller."

So that's where it stands. If the next highest bidder rejects the offer I will re-list it. But damn this pisses me off. It's not even the money, cause I'm fairly sure the auction will go well again. Hell, yesterday I was floored that it was going for $90. Anything I make on it above what I paid is a good transaction, as far as I'm concerned. The ending bid was too good to be true, although the next highest bidder was $366. I had a really bad feeling about this from the time the auction was over, because of the high bidder having a 0 feedback. If you look at my other auctions, I always make a note to say that if you have 0 feedback, your bid may be cancelled at my discretion. But I didn't put that in this auction for some dumb reason.

Anyway - it just pisses me off that people are playing around like this.


In other news -

I just finished my 4th Bio exam. I started it at around 10pm. Yea. I'm that stupid. Next weekend is the final. I better pack a lunch.


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