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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


You know Walgreens has their "Picture Maker" process onsale for 3 sheets for $10. They're normally about $8.97 a sheet, so I loaded up a bunch of pictures to print for presents. The sale ends today, so I had to do it today or forget it.


What they don't tell you in the ad is that you should bring a lunch. And... don't attempt to use this machine unless you have advanced knowledge of Picture Making machines.

It appeared to not be working so I enlisted the help of the photo department manager. He couldn't get it to work either. A guy came up behind me and said "I've been trying to use this machine for an hour - it doesn't work."

Well. Not one to be deterred by a stubborn mechanical device, I kept plugging away at it.

I finally figured it out, and when I did - it started printing all the pictures that were qued up in there that folks had been trying to print all day. Plus the 15 copies of my print that I had kept trying to do. (I only needed a couple - but I kept printing, trying to get it to work - I didn't pay for those, but the photo manager gave them to me anyway.)

Lordy, lordy.

I finally got all my pictures out (after about 45 minutes) - and started to leave when the lady behind me said "Could you help me use this machine?". Pfftt. But I stayed and helped her.

So 2 hours later, I'm home from Walgreens.


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