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Denny posted some good information for folks who don't know how to treat repairpeople that come into your home. I'd like to post what we don't like about repairpeople that come in to our home. I know Denny is likely the most polite thoughtful repairperson ever, so he'll probably get a kick out of these.

1. Be on time. Often we've had to schedule around your predicted arrival time, and if you're late - everything goes amuck! A phone call would be nice if you're going to be running late.
2. Be prepared. Pay attention to the problem we've submitted, the reason you're there. It's annoying to be informed that you have to go get a part from the "shop".
3. Don't keep ringing the doorbell each time you have to go out to your truck and have to come back in. Just come and go as you please. We know you're here.
4. Don't talk on the phone to other customers while you're here to do my work, especially if you are being paid by the hour.
5. Clean up after yourself. I don't need you to clean it better than it was, but take all your trash, parts, wires, cables, empty boxes and other assorted sundries with you please.
6. If you're here from the phone company or cable company to set up my modem, do not change the configs on my pc. I don't want my homepage set to

A growing list as life goes on. Anyone have anything I've forgotten?


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