Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm so bored I'm stealing other people's blog ideas. Laura has a list of what she won't watch on TV. I'll add mine.

Sports - any kind. Period. No, not even figure skating.
Anything on MTV except videos.
Any movie with Helen Hunt or Meg Ryan. or Louis Creed (The dad in Pet Sematary - I loathe him)
Anything about Judges, Law, Order, NYPD or Blue. Get the picture?
Soap Operas
Anything dubbed a "romantic comedy" - blech.
The Man Show

In contrast to Laura's list, I love shows about surgery, medical procedures, free flowing blood and guts, you name it. I admit tho, plastic surgery is pretty boring fodder. I also love horror and most war movies.

I'm hungry now. Someone bring me some food please.


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