Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I've been sitting here punching my random blog button on my toolbar for an hour. I gotta find new reads. It only takes me about 5 minutes to scan through and see that maybe one person on my blogrolling list has updated. I want to read daily blogs..blogs Cindi describes as "today I went to the grocery store" blogs... No offense to y'all - I love what you write, you just don't write it often enough.

So in my random blog clicking I've found these observations:

~ Way too many teenage girls have blogs. They are predominantly pink in hue, and use words like girlz, suPer duPer, and *grinz*. Blech.
~ Too many political blogs. You people are w-a-y too serious. You really need to eat something besides cereal, turn off CNN for five minutes, and get a life.
~ There are more blogs from asian girls than any other demographic, period. Anime is the template preference. Ick.
~ People apologize for not updating more than they update.
~ I would have a lot more blogs to read if I could read spanish.

Off to do some more clicking and blogrolling tidy-up... hope you all are having a decent day so far.


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