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Everyone's really slowed their posting down to a occasional drive-by. Well not everyone but almost. Denny's always good about posting everyday, I like that. And he has good stuff to say too, interesting to read. I guess everyone is busy shopping and baking and Christmas carding and stuff. Now that school is over -wow, I never thought I'd say that- I can get more of that stuff done too. I'm nearly done shopping, but I gotta go through everything and see who comes up short. I know I need another little sumthin sumthin for Emma and a big sumthin sumthin for Mark, but I do believe that's it...thank goodness.

I feel like I have a lot to write about but I'm crampy, and crabby, bloated, thirsty, and just all around grouchy. What else is new, right?

In closing I will leave you with a couple of funny pictures I took off the tv last week. Just playing around, seeing how they'd come out. These are pictures of Lori on Starting Over being a big fat baby. Open them up, they're funny.




Oh and here's something funny I noticed when I was done watching Starting Over one night. I hit "stop" on the PVR and then it goes to this screen where you hit "cancel" to go back to regular programming. But one of the other choices made me laugh:

Here's last weeks wrap up:

Audrey is whining, Teresa is a slutty money-losing trailer trash, the asian girl (sorry, she's forgettable) needs to get her shit together, Kimberlyn is sweaty and a snot, Brenda is so so nice, and the new girl (oh, I forgot her name too) is trying to not be Mormon.

There ya have it. Now you start watching it too so I have someone to talk to!


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