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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I've added a couple of really great blogs over there. One is "the search for love in manhattan - a gay odyssey of neurosis." He had a post the other day that I thought was hilarious:

"Not too long ago I went to the bookstore, fiercely determined to get control over my tendency to slobbishness and disorganization, and bought a book called How Not to Be a Messie. It contained lots of good advice about getting rid of clutter once and for all, and I started reading it in preparation for the day I'd be able to start implementing it.

Now of course I can't find it.

Most of the new blog reads I put up are blogs I've actually been reading for a while, but wasn't sure about committing them to blogrollingdom. Sometimes I'll read for a while and then all of the sudden they stop posting. Or I'll be idley (that is SO not a word) reading along for days and then they'll say something weird and off the wall and I have to re-consider the whole reccomendation thing. But these are truly good.

So go, peruse. enjoy.

I'm going to go download some pictures and if you're nice, I'll share.


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