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The 2004 Bloggie awards are imminent (I know, who gives a flying rats ass) but I would like you to go vote, if only to make sure that Wil Wheaton and dooce do not win.

Mark and I left the house at 10:30 this morning, and didn't get home until nearly 9pm! We went car shopping, and then more car shopping. I'm telling you these car salesmen are a sleazy bunch. We had it out with one guy that Mark got really angry with and we stormed out. "Slam!" Mark's always been a gunner for car salesmen, but now that he is in the biz I guess he is super critical.

We found a few we liked, but are still kicking tires. I am going to attempt to drive my car downtown tomorrow - I'm just going to leave early and pull over if I need to. I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a shiny white stretch limo and creaming some compact cars. ha!

Then he took me to class. I think it will be ok, but there is a LOT to learn - considering this class is only 6 weeks. My head was spinning for about an hour, then the penny dropped and it seemed that things clicked into place. I just will have to be ultra diligent to stay caught up. One week of slacking will put me hopelessly behind.

We have one lady in our class that already knew everything, I'm not sure what she's doing there. Then we have a guy in our class I will call the llpof because he is a liar liar pants on fire. When we all went around the room with our introductions he said he used to be an EMT in Las Vegas. But when the teacher was lecturing, he didn't know what tachycardia was, which is an abnormal heart rhythm that EMT students learn practically on the first day and deal with ALL the time. Mark even knows what tachycardia is, just from quizzing me and listening to me babble on about classes previously. THEN - man, what an idiot...He asked the teacher "how do you find the diastolic and systolic on the EKG?"

There was like 20 seconds of dead silence and the teacher looked like he thought he might be on Candid Camera.

"Um, the diastolic and systolic rate is blood pressure which you gauge from a sphygmomanometer, (BP cuff). There is no way to indicate blood pressure from an EKG strip."


People, people. If you're going to lie to strangers, at least pretend you are a "something" that you know something about.

Mark had taken me to school, so when he came to pick me up he had Emma, who was buckled in her car seat, but asleep in a horizontal position. Not just her head was flopped over, but she was completely bent at the waist and snoring like Rip Van Winkle. We went to Westm*nster Mall where I picked up the necessary clothing items that I need for driving. A nice black jacket, and a white shirt. I already have black pants and a short black skirt, but I got a long black skirt too, so I can have some variety in the monotony, if ya know what I mean. I went to L*ne Bryant (mostly because that used to be my last name...Bryant, not Lane) - lol. No , I went there because I didn't want something that was going to come apart at the seams in two weeks. Even tho I'm wearing a 14 in most things lately, if I'm wearing a button up blouse, I need about a 16-18 because of "the girls out front", and I found a lot to choose from there. Not arc prices, to be sure...but good quality stuff that will last, I think.

And here's another fun little "hey I've lost some weight" story. The other night I was at Target and they were closing out a bunch of hosiery. I'm gonna neeeed some hosiery. They had pairs of N* N*nsense for .37 and .47 each! Unfortunately, all they had were size "B". Now, I've worn size Q (we don't really need to say what that stands for do we?) for about oh, 35 years. But I bought ALL the "B"'s they had anyway - you know how you do..."hmm someday maybe I could fit into these....I better buy them cause they are a great deal..." (It's a gender specific shopping quirk, men - don't even try to understand.)

But on Sunday when Katie and I went to church I tried some on and they fit.just.fine! Not even snug. Whee! I'm not a Q! I'm not a Q! How damn fun is that.

Ok, well it's time to go fire up the PVR and see what Oddrey and the rest of the Starting Over house are up to today. It's getting sooo juicy! Everyone is mad at Oddrey and it's her graduation day! And believe it or not - Oddrey is being a bitch! Yes! It's true!

Have a nice night all!


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