Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Kind oif a busy day. I had to go pick up Emma down south about 45 minutes away, and I didn't trust my car to go so Cindi took us. Katie came too and after we got Emma we all went to the Container Store. Oooh, fun place. Some stuff was pricey, but some was a fair deal. I got a few little things, not much.

Now we're waiting for Mark to get off work so we can meet him for dinner. We wanted Cindi to come too but she is tied to doing her cat thing at a certain time of day and we couldnt really make it work out for everyone. She has to wait while one of them eats and then give it a shot and drain it's little incision thingie. Gah! I promise we will go again soon, Cin!

I am going to the Limo co on Wednesday afternoon to get some drive training. I have to get a white blouse and black jacket by then. Meh.

Ok, I gotta go. More later gators.


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