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Mark and I just had an hour long discussion about umm..everything. We realized that we needed to start making some schedules and lists - I needed to know exactly what to offer the limo company as far as time available, so we went through the calendar so I would have something comprehensive to present. At first we thought maybe day care for Emma would have to be arranged for Wednesdays, but I've actually got so much other time available to offer them, I think I will just leave Wednesday as my "can't work at all" day. I'm not sure what time I'm supposed to show up there tomorrow, the lady that I'm meeting with asked me to call her after church. I'm so excited! She said they are desperate, and turning away runs because they don't have enough drivers available. Whee!

Then, we had to switch to vacation-talk mode. We're planning on going to the UK this summer, and there's already a lot of things that need to be in motion. People need passports, and we need to decide on dates. So we had to sit down and come up with a timeline that certain tasks need to be done by. I'm such a damn retentive idiot when it comes to planning stuff like this. I don't like to plan an itinerary for the actual trip, but I do like to micro manage the travel plans - I just don't like any surprises there.

I had lunch with my mom after my test today - that was nice. We sat for a long time - you know like when you've already paid your bill and the waiter has come back twice after that to see if you need

Katie and I are trying yet another church tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this one - but we'll see. Then, depending on how long the limo company (I gotta think of a better nickname - I dont want to name them of course) wants to keep me, I might be able to go to the Little Bear with Cindi. Wow! So much going on and it's all FUN FUN FUN!


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