Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I made a blogworld poem.

Denny's playing with wire,
And Cindi's always tired.
Katie ate way too much food,
Crazygurl is in a bad mood.
Buzy mom is leaving on a trip
Anne has given us the slip.
Jennifer is back from Toronto
AJ uses a lot of cilantro.
the fish is talking about poker
There's fun UK news at The Big Smoker.
Stacey is waxing poetic,
Dr. D's personality is magnetic.
Laura is missing in action,
Jenniy has a cute new attraction.
Dy has to get started sewing,
and blogeois is frantically rowing.
Alan ain't gettin enough,
Poor Denise is feeling quite rough
Sue had to bury her cat,
Bry's son's appendix has laid him out flat.
Debra needs to start packing boxes,
Faustus has his eye out for foxes.
The arachnids are invading Spencer's place,
While Wendy loves her bloggerville space.
Kimberly's cold so she's sitting,
and Teresa and Margie are knitting!



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