Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark is late. Really late. And I have this feeling he's with a woman. I just know it. I'm gonna call him.


He IS with a woman, my fears are confirmed. he's with a woman who just bought a car! whee hee!

Oh Im so silly. He'd already called me, he always calls if he's going to be late. And he calls when he's leaving, and often calls just to say hi. He's very sweet that way.

I don't know what happened, but book sales went nuts today. We listed a bunch of books, but a lot of the sales were old books that can't account for all of it. Maybe folks are spending their half/ebay gift certificates. Anyway, it's kept me hop hop hopping this evening - but I'm SO glad.


I went through the Colorado State job postings and sent off a bunch of resumes..for me and for Mark. Don't worry, none of the ones I applied for had the word administrative in them. But I did notice that admin positions have gotten a recent pay raise, which makes me salivate a bit - but only for a second.

Since I've worked in the HR Department of a state run institution, I know exactly what the mandated protocol is and how folks applying for State jobs can get passed the first cut, which is where most resumes get circularly filed. However; saying that - I'm pretty much guaranteed that I've just jinxed myself right into having my resume dumped in the trash. haha.

Well, the salesman of the day just walked in (net $850 on this one car - yayayayay!) so I better go pat him on the back. And the butt. hee.


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