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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, I'm home. I think it went really well. He told me I projected the image they strive for (see, toldja - image!) and that he doesn't see any problem with putting me on part time as soon as they can get everything processed. I had good answers for everything he asked and made him laugh a few times too.

One thing he kept stressing that made me nervous was passing an airport background check. "Yep, that's where a lot of people get eliminated, is after that airport check." From what I can tell it's pretty much just a criminal history and fingerprinting thing - which should be no problem. If they ask for a polygraph, I'm screwed. I've taken 6 and never passed one. And I wasnt lying.

He asked me "Is there anything in your past that might preclude you from passing an airport background check?" (This is where I made him laugh) I said "No, those records have all been sealed."

It sounds like it would be really fun. They don't do any bachelorette parties or anything like that, it's mostly corporate stuff and funerals. He said they do have a corporate contract that has them driving back and forth to Vegas pretty frequently and would I possibly be interested in that? Helloo!? Whee! My inside contact at the company that I said was in New York is actually on a run. To New York! Um, hi. I said "Who are these people that take a limo to New York?!" He said "People with too much money that are afraid to fly."


They also have the exclusive contract with the fanciest hotel in Denver, and do airport and dinner runs nearly daily from there. He said tips are very very good most of the time.

So, for now I am home again home again jiggity jig. I have to take Daniel up to the mountains to his dad's tonight and I can't wait! I love pulling over 3 times to put water in the radiator. Oh yea, baby...good times.

See ya'll in the funny papers.


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