Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...



Well, Spencer started the ball rolling and I found an ounce of motivation to pre-register for the Job Fair here on Monday. It's supposed to be a huge gigantic one, though what I'm looking for is such a narrow niche that I'm not all that hopeful - but I AM going. I'm open to a few opportunities outside of my dream position (on the back of an ambulance), but I definitely do not want to pursue anything containing the words full time and administrative, which I know Is a huge percentage of jobs available there. But there is a big Health Care section being represented, so I'm gonna get my groove on and go. Yay me. Progress. Hopefully. If nothing else I can dress up, fix my hair up kinda purdy and mingle. I'm a great mingler.

Marks phone works, can you believe it?


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