Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark sold two cars today. yay! We won't have to start burning the kitchen table in the fireplace for heat just yet.

I cleaned his desk and the basement, plus the living room and kitchen. I have been going all day, with really no break. I knew if I sat down I was done. He's gonna be so surprised to see the basement, I don't think we've seen this much carpet down here since we moved in.

I found Emma's stash of assorted forbidden food items under the recliner she sits in down in the basement. Parts of pop tarts, toast, oreos, ..toddler food. We only allow her to have food and drinks in the kitchen and living room - for that very reason. After she eats part of it she won't throw the rest away, and then whatever it is just gets really gross and then who knows what it's attracting. I've saved all the offending items in a big ziploc bag, and she is going to handle each one of them one by one (just like I had to do) and throw them away. I know she will think it's the grossest thing ever. I hope.

This house is so incredibly tidy and lovely. Come on over and see it!


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