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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We went to a concert and sermon broke out.

This was definitely not the church for us. Among other things:

1) Out of about 300 people, I was the only one in a dress. We saw shorts, sweats, Av's jerseys, you name it. It's not a fundamental criteria that a church be "dressy" - goodness, no - but there was just no respect. I can't even describe it. Katie and I have often said we'd appreciate a more casual church, but this transcended that to a level we were uncomfortable with.
2) the music was so contemporary, I nearly needed earplugs. It was a 6 piece ensemble with 2 electric guitars, a bass guitar, a drummer, a female vocalist and a saxophonist/flutist.
3) The band played for nearly an hour.
4) The sermon was not much more than the pastor reading certain scriptures and then saying "well, how about that?"

There was much more wrong with the place, but I'm really really not in the mood to write tonight. I'm feeling a bit put upon again, and just really down and contemplative about things..and people..and stuff.

Tomorrow we are going book buying. Yes, I know I was all excited and pre-registered to go to the job fair. But I can't go and that's just the way it is.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that things are serene where you are.


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