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Ooooh NO! and Ooooh YES!

I just got a call from my EMS Instructor. The National EMT test is on SATURDAY. Yes, this Saturday. 4 days to brush up. 4 days to get my mushy brain back into "save the bloody people" mode.

So this Saturday morning at 10am, I want everyone who reads here to do whatever it is you do when you're needing a miracle. Mix up your bat's breath and ground camel hump, get on your knees and raise your hands to the Heavens, write a letter to congress, or dance around a bonfire in a prairie skirt while chanting to bongo drums

I need it..bad.


I kept track of all the books I read in 2003. Here they are, in no particular order.


*Justice Denied
*Love In A Blended Family
*Rock This
*The Everything Wedding Book
*Last Breath
*Into the Wild
*Live From New York
*Deadly Innocence
*Fatal North
*Runaway Me
*Truth or Dairy
*Dropped Threads 2
*Fatal Error
*A Dog in Heat is a Hot Dog
*Emergency Care Of The Sick And Injured


*Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
*Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant
*Breathing Lessons
*The Hot Zone
*The Nanny Diaries
*Ellen Foster
*Rapture of Canaan
*In Her Shoes
*Good In Bed
*The Blood Countess

25 books, not counting my Emergency Care textbook, which I did include in the list, because I really did read it. All of it.
That's not bad considering I didn't read for pleasure at all between September and December, because of school.

I used to have a boss that kept track of every book she read, every movie she saw in the theater, every concert she attended and every play she'd seen...since she was about 10 years old. She had this big journal that she would record everything in and it was so cool. She turned out to be a royal bizznitch, but I still thought the idea was pretty neat-o.


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