Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Home alone and jamming to Good Charlotte.

I'm already pulling books and getting ready to jump in the shower so I can run errands and folks won't wonder who smells. Post office, grocery store, dry cleaners, the usual.

There is a discussion going on at one of the forums I post to, about "it's a guy thing." I'm offended by that term. I'm no mullet headed grovely voiced man hater, and I'm certainly not a girly girl. Most women I knoiw fall somewhere in-between, also. Are we still so provencial that we have these continual dividing lines? What makes something a man thing..or a woman thing?

I resent the division. With very few exceptions, there are no man things.*

*the exceptions being: premature ejaculation, the three stooges, and mailbox vandalism.


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