Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I knew it was coming. The emails. "Why aren't you writing?" "What's with your blog?"
Yea, yea. Sorry. I think about it, I just feel like either I have nothing to write, or I have too much to write.

Things are pretty much status quo, hills and valleys, peaks and lows. I have a Dr.'s appt this week, am debating whether to ask for Adipex or Celexa. Do I want to lose weight, or be happy? Can't I do both?

Had a pretty good weekend, spent most of it with Mark, garage sale-ing and just generally tootling around. Target, Kmart, grocery store, etc etc. Made some Tri Tip friday night, that was insanely wonderful.

I am at work, so cant write much fir now. Tonight..I promise, when it's foggy. Yea..that'll be fun.


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