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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


How come I've never been a blog of note? My blog sucks, thats why. Bleh!

What is going on. Hmm, its Wednesday, just getting ready to leave work. Have been shibbyless for a long, long time. Mark's neighbors are always out on their balconies schwaggin and I wish it was me! Tonight we are going to ARC, then eat something, then go to the Coles to watch Survivor. Am I gonna get hooked on that damn show? I made fun of everyone last year who liked it. Im so silly!

Been talking to DB, dunno whats going on there, cept I dont have a picture, so nothing is going on until that happens.

Just stopped talking to Mac today, after talking to him for like 2 months cause he refused to send me a picture. Explained that I would never consider meeting someone without first seeing a picture. He thought that was stupid. We had a few words and it was like "fine." "fine." "See ya." "Fine."

Oh well. So Im stupid, and now he'll never know. Im not going to be an idiot and go out with someone I have absolutely no physical attraction to. Hell, I have enough problems with the ones I AM attracted to, give me a break. I'd rather be alone than with someone I dont wanna be with.

Gotta run, things are fun. Are they? Not really. Oh, we went to No Frills with Joe on Monday. Good Lord that was fun. Joe Rawks.


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