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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


When did I post last? only 2 days ago...seems like longer.

We had another break in..of sorts. More stuff is gone and we had the locks changed. Very strange. Good stuff this time, but I don't really wanna talk about it. It's just really really icky.

Funny how fast things change. There are chinks in the armor, and I think it's distance time. What an existance, I have. Today was not a good day at all, and I really felt some very bad vibes. I dont know what is up. Im not that distressed, but mildly. I think Im too medicated to care. Im sposed to up my dose this week, but Im not going to. Im too numb as it is.

I went to Kt's choir concert tonight. God, how did my parents sit through that shit for 12 years? My sister was in choir or band all through jr high and high school, and so was I. That's 12 damn years of those fucken songs. Hell, in jr. high I was in both, and in high school, so was she. So thats even more! God! I surely would have slit my wrists by that point. Funniest part is watching kt's choir, it has the most eclectic mix of people. Could you take the time to learn the songs, girls? I mean, really. And the jazz choir...good God. Shoo bee do dee do bah wop! I hate that crap soo much. Im so glad kt's in choir and have no problem sitting through her group, but I just really can't stand any more after that.

The Ball is Friday. Black Tie. Biggest event of the year for the Library. Isn't that pathetic? We're both volunteering. Man, I hope things are cool. Cause I just don't feel like they are right now. It's a sold out event and tickets were $10,000 per table of ten. Geees, some people have w-a-y too much money.

Im to foggy and getting more distressed. Outta.

Listening to: Nothing
Eating: M&M's
Multitasking: Mirc, aim, yahoo, icq, blogging
Chatting to: Ray and Mark
Dreading: Court with Daniel tomorrow
Looking forward to: sleeping in sometime soon, not much else.
What's achin: My neck and my head
What's funny today: Charlie
Money situation: Bleak

Later..over and out..


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