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Just got done reading fragmented's blog. She writes so profoundly, I love the way she thinks. I wish I could meet her, I think we would be friends.
Welll...I wrote on Monday that it was imperative that I stay home and clean my house. Well, Mark came over and we decided to hit No Frills for karaoke night, something we havent done in a long time. Man, oh man..what a night. We played a few games of pool and started in on the Caffrey's. Three pitchers and a few shots later, we were laffing our asses off one minute, and crying in our glasses the next. We had a lot of good conversation about "the way things are" and where it's going...or not. I think there have been some changes of heart, but there is still a lot of doubt and confusion. I am remaining pessimistic right now tho, and not hanging my hopes on anything that was said. But let me tell was nice. We didnt get home till around 2:00 or so, and continued some of the conversation there. Told Mark last night that thinking about that night gives me wigglies in my stomach. Good wigglies.

Funny story about while we were there talking. I have this keychain from Dave and Busters, and it's all broken. It used to have water and glitter in it, with a D&B disc floating around inside. Well, first the water all leaked out months ago, then part of it came off and it was just a circular piece of plastic covered in glitter. Well, while we were talking at No Frills, both of us kept fiddling with my keys. It was the kind of conversation where you look at the table a lot, and fiddle around with whatever is nearby. So after about 30 minutes, Mark looks up and goes "Oh man, you have glitter all over your face!" I looked up at him and said "So do you!" We had transferred the glitter from my keys to our hands, and then our faces. Oh man..we were laffing so damn hard, and trying to help each other get it off our face. It totally lightened up the conversation.

I got a really nice email about my website from a guy named Kevin. Totally made my day.

Saturday I am going to see Brian Regan! I am so damn excited...I love him! We may end up staying downtown, no confirmation yet tho. That'd be incredibly fun. I paid extra for preferred seating, so it is going to be incredible.

Today is Amanda's 20th birthday. I can't say I have 3 teenagers anymore! She just got her car in the shop, and found out she needs a new head gasket, for 2K. Bleh! I am giving her some $$ for her birthday, that's what she wanted, but it certainly isn't going to put a dent in that bill. She was severly bummed, but it's all part of life, and she knows that. She is thankful for the good things in her life, and I think that's healthier than anything. I wish I could have afforded to send her flowers or something, but I just cant...Im afraid my car is about ready to bite the dust, I need to get it in for a tuneup right away.

Ok, that's it for now, I feel updated.

"I'm happy...feelin glad, I got a bag.."


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