Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Man, why haven't I been blogging? I dont know. I seriously dont know. I keep thinking about it.

The doctor put me back on anti-deps. He seemed really eager to do so, I dont know what that means. I've only been back on them for 2 days now, so I havent noticed anything yet.

KT got her midterm, it is *excellent*. All A's and B's, And Daniel got his too, excellent. Gotta get that boy up to speed, or I dont know what's going to happen to him. Im working on it, you bet.

My love life? I dont know. Lately I felt there was progress, but Im remaining emotionally as distant as possible. I know there are other irons in the fire on the other side of the fence, so Im not delusional by any means. It just seems....I dont know. Plausible.

Saw Emma a bunch last week, man she is getting to be so funny and cute. She is full of conversation and the stuff that comes out of her mouth is so dang hilarious. Her new thing is saying "Nala...?" (She calls me Nala) "I was wondering.....I was thinking..." Then she'll come out with some question like..."I was wondering, if it was snack time yet..." Too funny.

My house is a disaster, Daniels stuff is everywhere, I just got a recliner, and hopefully Joe is on his way out. It will be so nice for Daniel to finally have a room. I have to stay home and get some shit done tonight, I have to.


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