Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Still spent Saturday kidless and dateless. Sucked. Talked for a while to a new buddy, no idea where that's going. Have made a few contacts from my ad, who knows.

So far today have just been cleaning. Found out I dont have to go get KT in northglenn, thats very cool. Yesterday was Daniel's birthday, dad's too. Daniel left right after I got home from Mark's to go to Dans, so I didnt see him much. Gonna shower and go get a cake in a little bit.

The Ball was..blah. Mark ended up leaving. Long story. Just blah.

Joe is moving out Nov 1 as far as I know. What Im doing for money after that time, I have no idea. Hopefully CSupport will be ordered soon.

Gotta run, just wanted to poke my head in.


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