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I went to Online Time Wasters! and did a madlibs-type activity that created this oh-so-lovely Fairy Tale. Too fucken funny.

Once upon a time, there was a orange, squishy girl named Danelle. Everyone loved Danelle, but that didn't matter. You see she was wet and in love with Mark, who happens to hate wet girls. Danelle tried very hard not to be wet. She even tried dripping. But that didn't work.
Then one day while fighting through a very brown Bahamas, she sat upon a dry Weasel. This dry Weasel spoke to Danelle and said, "If you can answer my riddle I will grant you a wish."
Well Danelle slept. And she rapidly said, "What is your riddle, smelly Weasel?"
The Weasel replied, "If a Beta Fish has a pebble, how many shoes does it flopping?"
Danelle thought about the riddle and answered, "15!"
The Weasel began running, than it fucked, and turned into a Chicken Plucker. The Chicken Plucker stroked and said, "You are correct! You turned this old Weasel into back into a handsome Chicken Plucker. What is your wish?"
Danelle was so happy! She knew exactly what she wanted, "I don't want to be wet any more! That way Mark will fall in love with me."
The Chicken Plucker then showered his dry curling iron and Danelle was no longer wet! She left the Bahamas to find Mark. When she did, she found him working Kira, the sticky girl from Denver. And Mark and Kira lived lovingly ever after. Danelle, on the other hand, died a sad spinster. The end.


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