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Damn, people are writing good shit out there.
"People do seem to flinch a lot recently. Yesterday on the bus riding home, a guy who I think I've seen two or three times before got on the bus wheeling a dolly absolutely piled with boxes. The bus driver said, "OK, guy, OK, next time you can't get on the bus with all that," and all of us sitting up toward the front were obviously thinking: Next time? What the fucking fuck? The man smiled benignly, emptily, and carefully wheeled his piled dolly (there were at least four TV-sized boxes on this thing) towards the very. Back. Of the bus. I'm sure the majority of us were all thinking he was going to go home to Allah and take us all along for the ride. And this was a rather Caucasian-looking guy. No beard, blue eyes, skin paler than mine. And mail is everywhere in my office, why haven't I noticed it before? There are three mail deliveries a day. We have a courier service. FedEx packages arrive frequently. There are deliveries from office suppliers. A friend of mine got the willies when she was scooping unsweeted cocoanut shreds out of a bin box in a little run-down hippie grocery in Boston last night, and she actually had to stop and think, Why would anyone want to put anthrax in a bin box of unsweetened cocoanut?"

This is fucking funny too:
Disturbing Search Requests

just sharing the love, people....


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