Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, poor Maggie..and poor Kira. These women are having terrible days. Maggie works with me, well sorta. She hasn't had a date in longer than you can imagine, and some guy came in and asked her out about a week ago..for tonight. I saw her outside while we were both paying for parking, and she was so excited. She said she tried on 15 different outfits, discounting each one and throwing it over her head rather than hanging it back up. We've all been there. So we both go to our respective desks, and she just comes over to me just now and said he called and cancelled! What a rat. She's so disappointed, but trying to pretend she isn't. "Oh, I have so much to do this weekend anyway, now I wont have any excuse not to get it all done". Riiight. She's probably gonna go cry somewhere.

Kira's ex is giving her fits, as all of ours are. They never go away. They never stop. They never die.

I am so bored and I have virtually nothing to do at work. There is no one here. Everyone is off today. I thought maybe that would mean that I could get out early, but Gail just called and said Melinda would be in this afternoon. Oh, bother.

I need to do something fun. Right now.


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