Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


She'll be toast inside of a week.

I am so pissed off at this damn BF Chick, BBB. She is such a damn idiot and has no class whatsoever. I picture her sitting in her trailer in Oklahoma with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She has almost crossed me, but not quite. Funny. A community like that is *so* built around intense friendships. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Who rules the Roost. Who's word matters. Who knows what's *really* going on. Who can you count on. I bet playing those online role playing games with the same people every night - is like that.

Mark's sick as a dog, I'm..what am I doing? Pampering I guess. He loves it, and I don't mind.

Something is abrew with AN. We have been discussing a venture, and I think may have decided to proceed. It's weird. What do I know about this? Nothing. He is researching, I am networking. Mingle mingle.

I guess that's it. I love AM at work. I wish I *was* her.


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