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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im a speeding fool today.

Anticipating the type of day I was likely to have today, I took my Adipex in "one-and-a-half" pill form. I've done that frequently, yet here it is one month after my first Rx of it, and I still have 3 pills left. There's been enough days where I haven't taken any at all, to even everything out. I'm half afraid to call Dr. Bumbler and get the Rx refilled, I missed an appointment to have my triglycerides re-checked, so he might get grouchy about that.

So, back to what I was saying. So I took one-and-a-half, and now I am a speed demon from hell. Which is a good thing, cause Gail has piled more shit on me today than she has in two weeks. She's so worried that the Board packets aren't gonna be ready, or aren't gonna be right..whatever. Shit....I could do this in my sleep. She's been so preoccupied anyway with all this We are the Library and we hate the Friends bullshit that I don't think she even notices what any of us are doing at this point.

This is funny or weird or maybe not. I went to a blog that I've been reading sporadically, Serendipity, and saw that she had a link to me. I must have sent her a note or something saying I had been reading her site, and left her my link. I have no recollection of that tho. But I must have. That would just be too damn weird if it was random. She has a link on her site to Christopher Walken's Blog, but I admit I'm a bit skeptical. Is it really CW's blog? How do we know that? There's no way to tell. I read it today and it was mildly absorbing, but I just couldn't get passed the "is it or isn't it" feeling.

I need to go outside and get some damn air, but Gail will not fucken leave. I know she'll freak if I go anywhere now...she's totally on her way out. Then again, she's been on her way out for two fucking hours. Get out, already. Go...vacate to your vacation. Have fun. Tell Nantucket hello. Scram, spinstah.

I don't feel as fat today. I feel pretty cute. lol - I really need to work on my esteem.


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