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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Some good stuff I've read lately: I dont put them up as Recommended Reads cause there's usually something glaringly annoying about their site. (which I of course have taken the liberty to point out to you here). But they're worth a gander, anyway.

Tales of a Bathroom Scale
What's annoying about it: Page loads verrry slowly, and she doesn't have any pictures.
What I like about it: Watching someone else struggle with their weight.

Cat's Pajamas
What's annoying about it: She doesn't post that often, and the template is really really blech.
What I like about it: She's pretty funny, and can be a royal bitch sometimes, like me.

My RedNeck Neighbor
What's annoying about it: It hasn't been updated since April.
What I like about it: It's really funny.

Goatee Style
What's annoying about it: There is at least one link in every post.

Whats annoying about it: He has about 200 blog links, and he posts infrequently.
What I like about it: It's a fresh young perspective on life's daily crap.

Ok, there ya go. that should give you something to do for a while.


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