Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Kt blogged. Whee!

"I'ts been almost a month of no blogging. I had limited access to internet and limited brain functioning.
Richard Simmons is my new hero. I got a video that includes free stretchy cords to help me 'tone and sweat'. I vow to do the video 5 times a week. One down, four to go. I need to be toned.

So Im in a new house now, though it doesnt seem that new anymore. I just havent blogged in a long time. I have the biggest, cleanest room in the house. I have vacuumed at least 4 times since we moved and no one else has even made room on their floors to vaccuum.

Basically, I have watched my summer whither away, while watching daytime television, sleeping, playing super mario bros 3, and going to movies with Charlie.

Went to Sante Fe last week with my aunt...had a good time...although I nearly killed us twice. As im cruising down the interstate, (which i have NEVER done before), I dont realize that if yuo are in the right lane you have to be aware of people entering the highway to your right. I didnt realize that their lane ended. When a car would try to get on in front of me, I didnt know what the hell to do. My aunt would start screaming and I would start crying and I ended up cutting off the person in the left lane without signaling...barely escaping a huge accident. My aunt, although i was on the verge of wrecking her nice SUV, would not let me stop driving. I would make sharp turns and spill drinks all over her car, and she would yell, yet she would still not let me stop driving. I was miserable at times, but i guess it was a good experience. "



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