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Oh, lordy. Mi familia

My cousin David, remember..could not find any hapless soul willing to accompany him on his wonderful European vacation. I cant even remember what he said..."France, Spain, Switzerland..blahblahblah" He was even trying to get some of his homely female office mates to just tag he would have some company. He's gorgeous, he's funny, he's loaded. He's there right now, alone.

My immediate family on the other hand is so tightly wound that one sprocket out of place sends the whole thing reeling. The number one rule you must always remember is:

No one talks to each other.

And when people do start talking to each other, it messes with the earth's balance. lol.

There is some loud spanish talking going on outside my window. brb. I'll finish this post when i get back.

Ok, it was nothing.

Anyway...this is rich. (Cindi is my sister)

Me: Do you know anyone that collects old school books? I have one from 1961, a teachers edition called Using Good English.
Cindi: "using good english"? that doesn't even sound like good english!
Me: man i cant believe its time for school!
Cindi: well, it's not exactly time for school yet
Me: only a teacher in july would say that. (Sssh, dont say anything, you'll jinx it..)
Cindi: I have to go back august 5
Me: oh ick, that's right around the corner!
Me: lol.
Cindi: shut up big mouth


Cindi: Im so glad mandi turned that job down
Me: oh me too
Me: did she talk to you?
Cindi: no
Me: she thought i would be mad
Cindi: we called her from santa fe but she wasn't home
Me: oh, so you only know that she's not working because of the blog?
Me: has she told you?
Cindi: no - I read it in your blog
Cindi: that's how I know what's going on anymore!


Me: well then she doesnt want you to know
Me: or mom
Me: i dont think dad knows either

Cindi: welcome to our world

Me: oh god i have to blog this
Me: im so removed from it i can laff my ass off about it.


Cindi: that "ten things so and so would never say" was funny, i thought
Cindi: I loved mandi's
Me: oh i know. The F word.
Cindi: that was hilarious!
Me: it was so mandi
Cindi: "I tried to make myself say it one day in the car and I couldn't"
Me: kt and i imitate her trying to do that…


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