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We're going to join the ranks of millions (ok, a few folks anyway) and do the Monday Mission.

1. Do you remember your first encounter with computers? Tell me about that.
I didn't have a lot of experience with computers until I started working at Northglenn High School, that was in 1995. I was totally smitten with the internet, and it's affordability to connect me with people all over the world. I seriously believe that the discovery and usage of the internet changed my life, and probably led to my divorce, which was a good thing. Now I'm a geek.

2. How late can you stay up and still be functional the next day? Do you do that very often?
I can stay up till 12:30 or so with no problem, I get up around 6:30. I stay up till 2 or 2:30 frequently, probably once every two weeks or so. I'm tired the next day, but not dysfunctional.

3. When was the last really good hug you got from another adult? Who was it and what was the situation?
Mark of course, for no good reason. He's a great hugger and we do it often.

4. One thing about children is that they all like to draw. We all shared the same ability and skill level at one time. Do you still like to draw? (Not do you think you draw well, or do others, but do you like to?) If not, how come? Did you get discouraged at some point?
I really hate to draw. I can draw like 4 things. Badly. My mom can draw one thing. A sideways view of a lady. We're not a drawing family.

5. I way overslept today. I had to head to work with no shower (don't get too close), and I am not in the best of moods. Have you ever overslept on a day you had something important going on? What's the story there?
I don't usually do this, but when the kids were in head start I was always oversleeping and frequently had to scramble to get them on the bus in about 2 minutes. Ridiculous. Right now I have a job that doesn't dictate what time I come in, so it doesn't matter.

6. Ever go shopping for something you know you can't afford? You look at it and even think about how it will look when you get it home, somehow you justify the cost and believe it can happen? And just before you get to the counter come to your senses? What was the last thing you almost bought, but thought better of it? And why the heck do we do that to ourselves?
I don't do this very often either, I'm not an impulse buyer. I buy things I need, more frequently I buy things the kids need. I shop very frugally, I always have. I rarely buy retail, and I sell the stuff I don't need or want anymore, usually on ebay.

You guys add yours to your blogs. I wanna read it.


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