Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just funny.

Kt: blah
Danelle: whats up doodle butt. how did the free lunch go
Kt: it went good. free.
Danelle: awesome. didja find out what a combo lunch is?
Kt: they have lots of choices, but i got these nasty chicken fried steak strips so that i could eat the mashed potatoes
Kt: they have like nachos and pizza every day and salad and then it changes every day for the other course
Kt: ya know
Danelle: cool.
Danelle: hey is Daniel supposed to get this girl a corsage for homecoming?
Kt: oh my gosh i have no idea
Danelle: mandi said he should
Kt: im so confused, i asked a bunch of people if he should take her out to eat
Kt: and they said some people do some people dont
Danelle: i asked him if he wanted to take her to eat and he said he prolly wont.
Kt: he might as well get her a corsage
Kt: better safe than sorry
Danelle: oh dear.
Danelle: we're so out of touch.
Kt: i know, were fucking clueless.
Danelle: we dont know how normal society operates.
Kt: we have no idea.


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