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Unbelieeevably tacky.

Received in my email an offer for a 9/11 commemorative watch. Aww, how nice. Take a look.

...and the comments in italics..

This is a replica of the watch that was sent to the President of the United States. (Oh thank God, someone that is a true IDIOT is wearing it.)

The inner dials are stopped at the moments the world was changed forever - one each for the assaults on our country. (Umm, wasn't there something about a plane in Pennsylvania? I dunno, maybe that was another terrorist attack. I'm getting them all confused.)

The date is stopped at September 11. (Perfect, it's already broken.)

The Motto of the United States, "In God We Trust," (Really?)
and the firm resolution, "United We Stand," are engraved on the bezel. But, in addition to all of that, there is a fully functioning movement in the heart of the watch. (That's supposed to redeem it - it keeps time for real!)

The main dial continues to keep time because -- like this great nation and its people -- time continues. The watch is colored in black, red, and white. Black for the sorrow and mourning we faced together, red in memory of the innocent lives that were lost, and white for the purity our country was built upon. (They must mean the gracious way we treated the Native Americans)

I dunno, call me cynical. Call me heartless. Call me a cab.


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