Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh man, Katie and Charlie made some good coffee last night. We were all up past 3am, including Katie. Mark and I finally got to sleep somewhere around 4:15 after tossing and turning, chatting, and whatever. We decided no more Starbutts at 12:30am.

It's been a nice lazy day so far. Daniel isn't home from his friend's house yet, but he called to check in. That's always been one thing my kids have been really good about is "checking in." When they were younger and would go out and about for the day, the rule was to check in every couple of hours. It was so funny, they would race home, not even open the door, but press their faces to the screen door and holler "CHECKING IN!!" They'd wait for my "ok!" and race away. Last night, it got to be about 11:15 and I hadn't heard from Katie, which was unusual and I was just finishing a sentence to Mark saying "It's odd that Katie hasn't checked in yet..." when the front door opened and there they were. If she leaves early in the day with Charlie, like today I can expect to hear from her around 8pm or so. She's always been really good about it, that's why I knew something was horribly wrong the day she ran away for 4 days. Ack, I can't think about that time. I feel like that was another person's life.

My kids have never had a staunch curfew as much, I just need to know where they are and what time they expect to be home. I've drilled into their heads that if they expect to be later, or end up somewhere than where they originally told me they'd be, to have the courtesy to call. And for the most part, they've been awesome about it. Daniel falters sometimes, but not very often.

Ok, time to brush my sweatery teeth and get ready for the 4 hours on the road for midge transfer. The crow flies at midnight. (Oh, and Anna Nicole's on at 8 - lol).


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