Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I have a really really bad headache that I just cant seem to shake. Couldn't get to sleep last night till nearly 5am. I kept thinking about that car accident, and wondering if the guy was ok. Thinking about how after something like that..everything changes. For weeks and months a lot of their activities will be devoted to repairing vehicles, and repairing bodies, and repairing minds. They'll always remember Thanksgiving 2002 as the year they had the wreck. I couldnt get the two kids faces that were trapped in the red car out of my mind. I wondered how they were doing today.

Emma and Dy came home from Shreveport. Emma had a dentist appointment so Dy and Mark went to that, then dy left for all parts southward. She's probably a little over halfway there by now. Emma started not feeling good about an hour ago, and finally thought she was going to throw up. She kept refusing food allday, so I dont know if her hunger finally caught up with her and actually made her ill (it does that to me if I dont eat) or if she was just jet lagged and recovering from getting up at 4am this morning. She's sleeping now, hopefully she'll feel better when she wakes up.

I'm actually making real progress on Christmas gifts. I'm nearly done with Daniel and Emma. As I mentioned before, we're going pretty light on gifts this year which is good for my bank account.

I need to go drink some more water and try to stay hydrated..hopefully this headache will drown.


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